1. Proud7의 미국교과서 프로그램은 주입식, 암기식 강의를 지양하고, 실제 미국학교의 교실환경에서, 미국정교사를 자격증을 가진 교사가 흥미롭고 즐거운 수업을 진행합니다. 불필요하고 과도한 학습부담을 주는 대신, 다양하고 창의력과 자신감을 기를 수 있는 커리큘럼으로 자기주도적인 학습이 이루어 질 수 있도록 지도합니다.
  2. 미국학교 교과과정을 통해 진정한 언어로써의 영어실력 확립
  3. Reading을 통한 독해력, 사고력, 표현력 향상
  4. Science, Social Studies 과목 및 다양한 지문을 통한 지식확장 및 토론능력 강화


  • Learning how to communicate with each other in a group effectively
  • Building self-confidence
  • Respecting others and their opinions
  • Being curious about the world around them
  • Becoming an independent and self-regulating learner and problem solver
  • Making text to text, text to self, text to world connections through think aloud
  • Encouraging creative thinking and think outside the box


Literature   |   Science   |   Social Study   |   Novel Discussion   |   Current Issue   |   Presentation Project
  • 6-trait writing, intensive, extensive critical reading
  • Grammar practice
  • Novel Discussion: projects, small and large group discussion
  • Brainstorming ideas and creative writing
  • Power point presentation
  • Various hands on activity, video, projects, group work related to the subjects
  • Make connections & synthesize new information with prior knowledge
  • Skills are repeated and expanded upon many times throughout the course


레벨별 주요수업내용

Literature   |   Vocabulary   |   Language Arts   |   Essay Writing   |   Science   |   Social Studies   |   Speech & Discussion   |   Research & Presentation   |   Debate   |   Current Issue Listening
This level is catered for students who demonstrate an outstanding ability to learn and think critically. In the Proud 7 W-level program, we strive to provide a supportive and challenging educational environment for students with high academic potential in the English language. Advanced concepts and skills are taught to students. Emphasis will not be put on whether something is true or false, but rather how well it can be explained and predicted. A more active approach is introduced because simply memorizing meanings and facts is not sufficient for students. Once students become more independent, they will gain a greater understanding, not just facts. Students are encouraged to reassess what they know and apply it to the future.
This level is an intensive academic program for our advanced students. The students demonstrate high linguistic and intellectual aptitude, in which they can further challenge themselves. The enriched curriculum designed for these students allow them to practice fundamental English skills, while challenging them to think critically. With textbooks that are set at a higher reading level, students are able to have more in-depth discussions and articulate their expressions and thoughts. In the Beyond Level, our goal is to offer various styles of learning so that they are building, developing, and refining their overall English proficiency.
On Level
This level is designed for students who possess the abilities to understand concepts critically and profoundly, allowing our lessons to go into further detail and depth. The curriculum includes more discussions and different point-of-views, rather than only focusing on understanding the material itself. Most students are capable of writing using the proper structure by the time they reach this level, so their goal will be focused on the expression of their thoughts. Emphasis will also be added to accuracy in terms of grammar and the use of vocabulary. Students are encouraged to articulate their opinions, questions and comprehension of the subjects. In the On Level, our goal is to challenge the students to think critically and communicate effectively.
This level is designed for students who already have a grasp of the basic fundamental skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Now that the training wheels have come off, each student starts to hone their skills while strengthening their weaker abilities. This enables the students to be challenged to become more independent, creative and expressive. Since the foundation has already been paved, the curriculum is tailored to fit this level of students. The students will enhance their reading skills through various novels and their listening skills with a detailed program. In the Approaching Level, our goal is to develop fluency and more active participation.
This level is catered for students who need to develop their reading and writing skills. Students are given student-friendly definitions and in depth explanations to build foundational skills. The main focus will be on improving decoding, comprehension, and fluency so that each student can gain valuable confidence to continue reading growth. In the Pre-course Level, our objective is to help students comfortably adjust to our program and give special care to ensure their success in the levels that proceed.